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BootStrap Mega menu


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    Pascal started the conversation

    When i try to go to the management of 'Bootstrap Mega Menu', a flashing windows appears (certainly the good one) and disappear immediately replaced by a combo with 2 items and the tab showing 'Connecting' ... with the wheel. 

    I have added the tiny CSS code

    .control-label label {
      display: inline-block !important;

    in the custom.css ...

    So I am unable to modify the appearance of the installed template ... not really what I want.

    Please help

    I did the Joomla upgrade to 3.6.5.



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    Oliver replied

    Hi Pascal,

    sorry for the delay, we're in Holidays. That Problem is really easy to solve. Simply restart your Browser and delete the Caches of Joomla AND your Browser. That should help :-)

    Cheers, Oli